Success Depends on Your Investment in Your Employees

Good management practices make a business successful and are direct reflections of your company’s culture. Investing in your employees is part of good management. Here are some facts and ideals that back up this concept.

CareerBuilder and Gallup reported that 70 percent of American workers are often uninspired and/or disengaged at work. Furthermore, the reports state that this caused losses of more than $450 million across business industries in 2013 alone.

Why do people feel disengaged or uninspired at work? Lack of support, feeling over-scrutinized or micro-managed, and the feeling that there is no job security all create the disengaged and uninspired thought processes.

Negative Vs Positive Workplace Environments

  • Negative – The workplace environment that creates this negative vibe will breed high-stress situations, which cause lack of focus in employees. Therefore, they turn to personal tasks at work like social media, chat, gaming, texting, and emailing.
  • Positive – The workplace environment that creates a positive vibe makes employees feel supported and empowered so they are very productive and do their best at work. They are focused and loyal to the company, making your business more successful and sustainable.

Create a Positive Company Culture

At one time, company culture wasn’t a thing. Few businesses would have considered supporting and investing in their employees in the rough and tumble world of business. Nowadays, recruiting new employees requires that they know your company culture.

The goal of creating a positive company culture is to see your employees coming into work with smiles on their faces that show you they are happy to be there and that they can’t wait to come into work. Zeal and enthusiasm is bred from a positive, supportive, employee-empowering company culture.

Creating this positive environment requires that you invest in your employees. How does that work?

  • Offer bonuses for performance and holidays
  • Offer perks like in-house promotions and training, paid training, tuition reimbursement, and help with furthering their career in your company.

Brainstorm from these ideas and come up with effective and viable ways to invest in your employees.


The Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

  • Workplace morale gets better when management knows how to reduce low morale problems to create a positive, supportive, and high-energy workplace.
  • Employee retention is a huge benefit of the positive company culture. Employees who enjoy their jobs will stay and grow with you.
  • Employee loyalty is crucial to a successful business. Loyal employees are engaged and productive in a supportive environment.
  • Company reputation is boosted when you have a positive company culture. You will attract better employees who are productive and excited to work for you.

What you do to create a positive company culture within your company is ultimately up to you. This information merely provides a few guidelines to help you come up with ways to make your workplace desirable to good employees. Invest in your employees in various ways to build a team that is creative, positive, happy, engaged, and productive. Continue to grow and thrive by implementing new ways to invest in them throughout the lifespan of your company.