Marketing and Public Relations Need to Work Together


Back in the dark ages of printed newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, there was no need for marketing and PR to combine forces. Today, however, it’s a different story. No longer can marketing or PR stand on their own. The lines betwixt the two have blurred, making it crucial for businesses to use both a marketing company and a public relations company or at least a boutique-style company that combines the two.

The basic process should be something like this:

  • The PR firm creates a news release or press release and distributes it online.
  • The marketing firm picks it up and shares the news release on social media and creates written content, Infographics, and other content related to the press release.

Also, when a marketer needs to reach the mainstream or trade media, they need to rely on PR professionals for assistance.


Here are the 4 reasons marketing and PR firms should collaborate:

PR fuels the marketing machine – Every machine requires fuel to operate. The marketing machine cannot function well without the proper fuel that PR can provide. While marketing experts can create valuable content, they need to be able to get it noticed, therefore, attaching it to the PR press releases and stories garners credibility and loyalty from consumers. Everyone likes a good story and great follow-up. The creativity of PR and the analytic nature of marketing make the ideal marriage.

Maximize ROI for PR – Once a news release has been created and publishes, marketers can use social media to boost ROI (check out this article on Medium). They can target opinion leaders, bloggers, customers, and other mainstream and non-mainstream media outlets.

Reach brand influencers – Marketing tactics aren’t designed to reach out to brand influencers like PR can. Creative news releases reach out to powerful influencers in the media. News releases from a third-party is more efficient and effective than advertising and lends more credibility to your brand.

The power of the PR and marketing combo – Imagine putting out a campaign that utilizes the power of marketing knowledge and PR creativity at the same time. Using these two components together for launching a new service or product will exponentially maximize your ROI. It’s the creative marketing ad campaign and the targeted public relations blitz that makes it happen.

No longer can you afford to sit on the sidelines and let your competition gain the edge over you in the branding world. You need to tap into that powerful world where marketing and PR combine and operate like a well-oiled machine.

These two forces must learn to work together in a synergistic manner to optimize business’ ROI across the board. PR professionals need to be ready to answer questions regarding social media marketing and marketers need to learn to let PR pros make their jobs easier. When PR and marketing collaborate, and manage their talents properly, they can deliver the best results a business can get for brand awareness and promotion. Ultimately, it will boost sales, which is the end goal, right? Anything less, won’t be good for business.