3 Ways Guest Posting Boosts Your Audience

guest blogging

If you ask a top blogger what the single most important strategy for growing your blog’s audience, they will tell you it’s guest posting. What is guest posting and why is it important to your online presence?

Guest posting is where you write an article and get it published on another website or blog. You will notice many bloggers allow others to submit articles to their blogs. It’s beneficial to both the guest blogger and the blog owner. You get to extend your reach beyond your existing audience, connect with new readers, and make a name for yourself. The blog owner gets quality content on their site that engages their readers.


3 Top Benefits of Guest Posting

  1. Builds Relationships

The goal of guest blogging is to engage new readers with interesting content that they want to read. Therefore, you are building a relationship with new readers every time you write an article or add other content like images and videos.

You also build relationships with other bloggers, hopefully influential bloggers by adding value to their blog. Bloggers make up the biggest part of conversations that occur online. Twitter and Facebook are still the two biggest conversation platforms where people engage online. Making friends with credible, influential bloggers will help you build your popularity. The result is that you grow your readership, your social media presence, and your blog subscriber base.

  1. Builds Search Engine Influence

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will love you for guest posting quality content on blogs and websites. They will love you so much, that you will grow in the rankings.

When you create guest posts, make sure you can include a link to your blog within your post, preferably at the start or end of the post. In time, these backlinks will raise awareness to your blog, boost the value of your blog to search engines, and increase your visibility.

  1. Builds Readership

One of the best things about guest posting is being able to share your message on a well-established blog. When you add value with your guest posts, you will see conversions over time to your blog. Your fan base, readers, and followers will increase. If you’re only looking to sell your products or services, guest blogging isn’t for you. You need to feel passionate about adding value for other bloggers and readers.


What about guest posting for your blog?

If you haven’t started offering guest posting on your own blog, today is a good time to do it. It allows you to reciprocate with the bloggers who allow you to guest post on their blogs, creating a mutual relationship.


How to Be a Good Guest Blogger

If you want to continue to provide guest posting on other blog sites, be a good guest blogger. Here’s how to do that.

  • Link your guest post from your blog
  • Share your guest post on Facebook and social media
  • Promote your guest post on Twitter often
  • Thank visitors for looking
  • Hang out and respond to comments on your post

This kind of guest blogging is respectful and courteous, which makes you a desirable guest blogger and builds your reputation among influential bloggers and readers.

You get to expand your reach to new readers with guest posting, making it a good practice in which to engage.

Guest posting will open doors to more publishing opportunities online and maybe offline. So, if you’re unhappy with your blog traffic, start guest blogging!

Added by Fred from Harrington’s Marketing