Surprising and Interesting Applications for Fabric Spray Paint

Simply Spray is a brand of spray paints with a diverse range of uses. Fabric and Upholstery spray paints are two of the most commonly used by do-it-yourself homeowners, crafters, and professionals alike. It can be used to quickly and efficiently paint upholstered furnishings, car upholstery, t-shirts, and other textiles in and around the home.

These applications may include some you might not have heard of before.


Placemat & Napkin Sets

Muslin fabric is an inexpensive option and most used for home textiles like napkins and placemats. You can create a simple, colorful, or patterned napkin and placemat set with Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint. Here is an example from their website.


Something like this elegant placemat and napkin set designed by Linda Peterson may take some practice, but the results are quite professional. You can do this same type of project.


Personalised Pillowcase

Personalisation is another application for fabric paint. Personalised pillowcases make a lovely gift or decorative element for any bedroom in your home. This one, from the Simply Spray website is for a child’s room.


You can use stamps, stencils, and Simply Spray in one of any of its vast colour spectrum to create a custom pillowcase for yourself, a friend, your child, or anyone that you think would like such a thoughtful gift.


Beach Towel & Tote Set

Summertime is when people enjoy getting out in the sun. Going to the beach is a popular summertime activity enjoyed by young and old alike. This example from the website shows a bright and lovely example of a beach towel and matching tote set by Linda Peterson that you can make or get inspired by.


This would be a fun group project to do with friends or your children, especially those who enjoy beach activities.

You can use any one of these three projects to enhance your home, make a gift, or enjoy quality time with your children or friends. Almost any fabric can be painted using fabric paint, so you can paint until your heart’s content with Simply Spray.


FAQs about Fabric Spray

  • A single can of Upholstery Fabric Paint can cover about 17 square feet. Remember to always test your fabric for absorption so you know how much or how little to use for your project.
  • Fabric spray paint dries soft, not stiff or hard like conventional spray paints, which is why it’s such a valuable asset for fabric projects.
  • It’s advisable that the fabric paint color you use be darker than the material you’re working with for best results. For example, you can paint a beige chair red, but you can’t paint a red chair beige with good results.
  • After 72 hours, fabric spray paint is colorfast and shouldn’t rub off on you or anything around your project. Always make sure it’s dry and won’t rub off using your hand to test it before placing or wearing your project.
  • You can wash any project you paint with fabric spray paint after 72 hours just as you would any other fabric or upholstered item in your home.

Simply Spray Fabric Paints are non-toxic, almost odourless, non-flammable, and safe for use with children.


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