The Causes Of Neck Pain And Some Solutions

neck pain

All the body organs are interdependent and if one suffers the rest also feel the impact. Are you one of those who gets sleepless nights due to neck pains? The big question is always about how neck pain comes about. The pain does not only affect your sleeping position but also alters your productivity on your daily chores. Concentration becomes hard and in some cases even turning your head can be pretty hard. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should suffer forever as long as you understand the main causes of neck pains and the available remedies.

Wear and tear
Just like the other parts of the body, various muscles which are prone to wear and tear surround the neck. The bones and joints around your neck are also victims of straining which is accompanied by pain. The condition is known as cervical spondylosis and usually occurs with old age. This condition sometimes causes neck stiffness while in others it does not even show the slightest of the symptoms. The pain can also spread to the nearby nerves which may result in numbness in the arms and legs as well. This pain calls for medical examination and fades away after a few weeks of treatment.

Locked neck
Most people experience neck pains as a result of bad posture or poor sleeping position. May be you are one of those who occasionally wakes-up with a neck pain, it has something to do with how you sleep. Your neck requires adequate support while you are sleeping and make sure the material is soft. Carrying unbalanced loads can also cause neck pains. Another possible cause of a twisted neck is poor workout routines. Ensure that you balance your workout routines especially when exercising your shoulders. Sometimes the pain will just fade away without treatment while in acute cases it can take up to two weeks and may require a physician.

This condition is common due to sudden movement of the head backward, forward or sideways. A good example is when an accident occurs, and as a result, the head damages and overstretches the ligaments and tendons around the neck. Whiplash causes headaches and painful neck movements and requires medical attention in extreme cases.

Tension headaches
Muscle contractions around the neck and head region cause tension headaches. It is common for people who stare at their computers for long durations as well as long distance drivers. Ensure that you have a good workstation so that you always on an upright posture when working for long hours.

Pinched nerve
This condition refers to the pain that originates from a peripheral nerve that experiences excessive pressure. Most nerves are susceptible to such pressure, and the pain can also extend to the back muscles. Some of the causes are poor posture, leaning on elbows and crossing of the legs.

If you have a flat neck, then a neck orthotic such as the Denneroll might be useful.

In some cases, you may require medical attention while in other the pain will just disappear naturally. It is wise to understand the cause of your pain so as to determine the best approach to use.