Our Review of Socialsteeze

Review of Socialsteeze (Is it legit?)

SocialSteeze is a service provider that helps you gain real followers, engagement and real growth for your Instagram accounts.

The platform uses the tagline “Powerful Instagram Growth”, and this review takes you through the various methods they use to give you that.

Here are the various aspects of Socialsteeze

Easy to Start

Gone are the days of long registration queues and paper forms for signing up, you can now start using the platform in just a few easy steps.

  1. Sign up – this requires you to answer a few questions to help guide the growth expert who then takes up from there.
  2. Choose your targeting needs. Use hashtags, location tags and usernames to target users in a niche.
  3. Go viral. Enjoy results in just a matter of hours after signing up.

As a client, time is of essence, and this process of joining up saves you a lot of time that you can use for other tasks that are vital to your marketing efforts.

If you are a busy person, then this is the best way to sign up, because you can easily sign up to the service during your lunch break and leave the rest to the experts on the platform.

Different Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals

SocialSteeze understands what it takes to get your account to the level you wish. Additionally, each account needs a different strategy for it to go viral. This is why the platform uses different targeting methods that make the service ideal for all manner of accounts, both new and established. The various methods include:

  • Use of hashtags: using the right hashtags helps place the content in front of many people so that you get your business in front. You can use the hashtags to increase your reach. The program makes sure that you get the right hashtags and use them carefully to get the right visibility. Using hashtags is also a way to convert your followers into customers, which is ideal for brands and businesses.
  • Targeting via usernames: using usernames helps you increase the level of engagement. Engagement helps force your followers to interact with your content the right way, through viewing the videos, purchasing the products and building network.
  • Locations: targeting using locations is a way to make sure you get people in a certain city, state or even country. You can choose to target one location or various in your marketing efforts.
  • Blacklisting followers: instead of unfollowing some followers, you can instead blacklist them. This means that you can prevent them from seeing your content at all without showing them that you have unfollowed them entirely.

As you can see, there are different ways to get to your goals using the service. Depending on the state of the account, the manager decides on what to do to take your website to a whole new level.

Different Packages

The need for different packages makes it easy for the users to choose the right package depending on the needs as well as the budget. The service comes in two packages that you get to choose from – the regular package and the professional package.  The regular package is ideal for starters and those who are just beginning with an Instagram following. This costs you $15 a week. You get lots of genuine followers, a targeted audience and a fully managed service.

On the other hand, the professional package is ideal for brands, influencers, businesses and anyone that is already established so that they can accelerate the growth very fast. You get everything that comes with the standard package plus double the exposure and priority support at an extra $10 per week.

You can pay for the package using one of the different modes that are available on the platform including PayPal and credit card. The payment is fully secure, and you are sure your information is safe.

Both of these packages are great options and are a way better option than outright buying Instagram followers.

Cancel Anytime

The issue with many online services is that they tie you down to a contract that you cannot cancel at any time. When this happens, you end up paying hidden costs for a very long time. With this platform, you don’t have to get tied down at all – you can cancel the subscription anytime you feel like so that you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

Easy Access

A few years back, you had to download a tool to your computer or an app to the phone to be able to add some much-needed likes or comments to your posts. This isn’t the case anymore because this service gives you an easy to use dashboard that you can access from anywhere – the computer or phone.

This dashboard allows you to monitor your Instagram account and grow it the right way.

Get Real Followers

You know the danger of adding fake followers to your account. Unlike other competitors, SocialSteeze doesn’t deal in fake followers. The program uses specialized marketing techniques to assist you to get real and engaged results. The process is handsfree and requires no efforts from the side of the client – all you need is to set up the campaign, communicate the needs of your account and then sit back and watch the account grow. Maybe once in a while, you can check out the progress, but this is all there is to it.

Your Account is Safe

So many accounts have gone through shadow banning due to use of fake growth services. SocialSteeze uses the right techniques to deliver real growth to the account; the platform works within the confines of Instagram and does everything to make sure the account is safe and secure at all times.

The service is for both beginners as well as those with established accounts, as long as you are looking to grow your account the right way using automation. Regardless of the industry or niche, you can grow your account with SocialSteeze.

Final Words

SocialSteeze can help you grow your account the right way without having to put it in danger of penalties. Take time to choose the perfect package that gives you all you need to enjoy the benefits.

How to become a better fighter

Show up at the gym consistently

If you want to improve at your martial art and become a better fighter then it is necessary to practice. This means showing up at the gym consistently, even if you do not feel like it. Muay Thai fighters train up to a grueling 6 hours a day, so in comparison, it shouldn’t be difficult to show up for at least 1 hour at your gym. You are commented on your goals and showing up every day is critical in order to make them successful.


Train hard but smart

Every fighter wants to train as hard as they can. Just make sure that your training is not counterproductive by doing too much and overtraining. Overtraining has detrimental effects and can cause fatigue. It is important to find a balance between your training schedule and training intensity. The use of a heart rate monitor to check your resting heart rate is effective to see if you are overtraining.


Eat proper nutrition in order to perform and recovery correctly

You are not going to stay in shape or make fight weight by having poor eating habits. Training puts stress on your body, therefore, you should fuel your body with the correct nutrition in order to perform and recover. Lack of the proper nutrition can have adverse effects on your body such as fatigue. You can seek professional advice from a qualified Nutritionist.


Recovery is crucial

Fighters understand the importance of training and nutrition for proper performance but often fail to understand the importance of recovery. Resting and sleep are critical in order to recover between training sessions because it allows the body to recover and repair itself.


Do your homework outside of the gym

Outside of the gym learning can continue by watching fights and training videos. Pick a technique or a fighter that you like and watch how he trains and transfers his training techniques to his fights. This can be very beneficial for visual learning.


Surround yourself with like-minded people

It is important to have people around you that have similar goals or support your goals. This will enable you to stay motivated and grow as a fighter. There are lots of ups and downs as a fighter, being supported by these people will help you to make positive decisions and share experiences.


Stay ready so you do not have to get ready

Fighting is a tough sport to make it in as fighters only have a few chances per year to make an impact on their career. Therefore, it is important to stay ready all the time in case an opportunity arises. This is because a lot of times a promoter will call out of the blue due to someone pulling out or getting injured and ask you to be a replacement. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. However, if you are out of shape or over the fight weight category you will have to decline this opportunity and let someone else take advantage of it.


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The most effective strategy for gaining followers on Instagram


It does not matter if you are using Instagram for business or social purposes. Everyone wants to gain more followers. Egotism isn’t the only reason for this. Having more followers on Instagram can be beneficial for your business as it is a powerful tool for networking, building a following and sharing content related to your business or brand.


Engaging and interaction are needed in order to develop your account

As with any social media platform, engagement on Instagram is needed in order to gain new followers. There are many approaches and strategies in order to gain new Instagram followers. Be strategic with your engagement. Interacting by commenting and liking other users posts can be used. This will include leaving comments on accounts or liking posts that are similar to yours or accounts that have your target audience.

When commenting on your audience’s posts try to be the last person to comment, that way you have more chance of being seen by other people following that account which could lead to more people following you. Most users looking to gain followers will implement this ‘Follow, like, comment’ strategy.


Don’t be afraid to make the first move

One approach in gaining new followers is to follow others first. However, don’t just follow random accounts. Follow ones that have similar content or follow accounts similar to yours. You can use hashtags to find them. If they like your account then they should follow you back.


Write back to your followers

There is no point having followers if you are not going to reply to them. Communication goes both ways. A small tip when commenting on your audience’s posts try to be the last person to comment, that way you have more chance of being seen by other people following that account which could lead to more people following you.


Like other similar posts

As well as replying to your followers you can visit their account and like their posts. This will increase the likelihood of them continuing to follow your account. It is also a quick way to gain new followers. Like photos that are relevant to your account. Once you start liking people’s photos a lot of them will follow you back. . Another way to quickly get followers is to search for the most popular tags and start liking the content posted with them.


Use an automated service to gain followers while you sleep

These approaches can be effective ways to gain more followers, but the downsides are that it is not guaranteed and can be very time-consuming. If time is an issue and you have the finances for a good investment to grow your account then it is recommended to use an Instagram Bot. An Instagram Bot will use the same ‘Follow, like, comment’ strategy that was mentioned earlier.

However, it will be implemented on autopilot. The Bot will search for content and accounts that use similar hashtags to your own. One of the biggest benefits of using a Bot is its time effectiveness.

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Follow Adder Review

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

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The Future of Our Beaches

future beach

Residents and businesses located along the beaches are experiencing episodes of water in the streets – courtesy of rising seas and disappearing beaches. Sea levels are rising all around the world, with tides being higher than ever before. Estimates put the rise at between 15 and 25 cm above sea level by the year 2030 and between 79 and 155cm above sea level by the year 2100.

The rising levels are as a result of rising global temperatures. Though many would argue that the high temperatures ought to lead to an increase in evaporation, therefore, more beach area, the effect is opposite. The temperatures cause ice caps to melt and get deposited in the seawater, causing it to expand. This, in turn, causes water levels to rise. However, the rise doesn’t occur evenly. So, what should you expect from this rise?


Narrower Beaches

As the sea levels rise slowly, the ocean goes ahead to erode sand from the beach along the coast. If the beach gets trapped between the coastal development and rising seas, it can’t retreat inland anymore. Instead, it becomes narrower. The loss of beach space will cut down on recreational space for beach lovers. The worst scenario is that just a small amount of rise in the sea level can lead to a large portion of beach getting swallowed up by the water.



If the beach doesn’t have the natural ability to absorb the water coming in from the sea, the impacts of storms on coastlines will be worse. It will lead to floods and make the coast worse especially to inhabitants. This will greatly impact the oceanfront homes and resorts that dot the beaches.


Loss in Tourist Revenue

Numerous beaches across the coast might see a revenue loss to the tune of millions due to the rise in sea levels. As the beach gets narrower and narrower, tourists and local visitors will end up snubbing some of the regions that experience the highest rise in sea levels. The local authorities will be looking at millions in losses regarding revenue.

However, the changes in fortune in one area might lead to changes in fortune in other areas. The sand that the floods will cart away will get deposited in other areas thus increase the size of the beaches in these coastal regions. The larger beaches will attract more tourists due to the growth in size. Well, soon you might have to carry your favorite beach chair (click here for reviews) and relocate to another part of the beach just to tan your body.


You Are To Blame Too!

One of the reasons that have led to sand being washed away so fast is because most resort managers and tourists keep the beach free of plants, shrubs, and grasses that would naturally hold the sand in place. This is because these managers know that a glimmering expanse of white sand will attract more tourists who love the space.

The need for beach property has also seen developers getting too close to the shoreline, giving the beach just enough space to erode further. You buy a beach property today, and in a few weeks, you realize your basement is flooding. This isn’t what you wanted, but you have to try and live with it.


What is More Important?

If this question were answered a long time ago, the authorities wouldn’t be having the problem of receding shorelines at this time. For every mile that was sold off as property, a few miles of beaches was given up. The properties would have been moved back to give enough space for the beach to adapt.

The Future of Neck Tension Relief

neck pain

Neck tension is common among many people, and some even live with it without even realizing. To some, feeling tense, stiff, sore or tight around the back of their necks never worries them. That should not always be the case because you require your peace of mind. You shall find most people with this condition trying to roll or crack their necks hoping that it will relieve the tension. The symptoms and effects of neck tension vary from one individual to the next. Some experience it occasionally while in others that pain never ends. The following are practical tips to relieve neck tension.

Side neck stretch
You do not have to visit the doctor as you can do the exercise right from your home. To start, sit on your legs then wrap your left arm around your lower back. Keep your left shoulder relaxed as you drop your right ear towards your left shoulder. Continue to draw the left shoulder downwards and stretch the left side of your neck softly. Stay in this position for at least sixty seconds and then switch position to the other side. Repeat this amazing exercise several times until you feel that the muscles are relaxed.

Neck pains sometimes come from stress and depression, and you can get rid of it through meditation. Learn how to focus on a certain object and reflect on those things that trouble you in life. You can start by deep breathing as it refreshes your mind. Take a deep breath and count up to 6 and then count up to 8 when breathing out. Meditation is very effective when you want to get negative thoughts out of your mind.

Stretch your neck forward
You do not need to be an expert to conduct this simple workout routine. You can either squat or sit in a comfortable position to complete this exercise. Interlace your fingers and then wrap them around your head. Use your hands to gently move your chin towards your chest as you sit tall. Repeat this fulfilling exercise several times until you feel some relief. Change position and now move your head backward several times and then sideways.

You can either decide to visit a qualified massage therapist or request your partner or friend to massage your neck muscles. If well conducted, massage will relieve you from pains and stress as well. Make sure you point out the most affected areas for the exercise to be fruitful.

Supine cactus
You can still get a bit adventurous when alleviating your neck pain. Lie on your belly, and the chest is touching the floor. Extend your right arm to the right and roll while keeping your head and shoulders relaxed. Keep that position for at least one minute and then switch to the other side.

Understanding the root of the problems is the best approach when tackling neck tension. You can always lead a healthy lifestyle after you understand what causes your suffering. Some extreme cases may require you to visit a doctor while others just require natural exercises, or perhaps a specialised pillow for your cervical spine from https://freeyourspine.info/best-cervical-pillows-for-neck-pain-2017/.

The Causes Of Neck Pain And Some Solutions

neck pain

All the body organs are interdependent and if one suffers the rest also feel the impact. Are you one of those who gets sleepless nights due to neck pains? The big question is always about how neck pain comes about. The pain does not only affect your sleeping position but also alters your productivity on your daily chores. Concentration becomes hard and in some cases even turning your head can be pretty hard. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should suffer forever as long as you understand the main causes of neck pains and the available remedies.

Wear and tear
Just like the other parts of the body, various muscles which are prone to wear and tear surround the neck. The bones and joints around your neck are also victims of straining which is accompanied by pain. The condition is known as cervical spondylosis and usually occurs with old age. This condition sometimes causes neck stiffness while in others it does not even show the slightest of the symptoms. The pain can also spread to the nearby nerves which may result in numbness in the arms and legs as well. This pain calls for medical examination and fades away after a few weeks of treatment.

Locked neck
Most people experience neck pains as a result of bad posture or poor sleeping position. May be you are one of those who occasionally wakes-up with a neck pain, it has something to do with how you sleep. Your neck requires adequate support while you are sleeping and make sure the material is soft. Carrying unbalanced loads can also cause neck pains. Another possible cause of a twisted neck is poor workout routines. Ensure that you balance your workout routines especially when exercising your shoulders. Sometimes the pain will just fade away without treatment while in acute cases it can take up to two weeks and may require a physician.

This condition is common due to sudden movement of the head backward, forward or sideways. A good example is when an accident occurs, and as a result, the head damages and overstretches the ligaments and tendons around the neck. Whiplash causes headaches and painful neck movements and requires medical attention in extreme cases.

Tension headaches
Muscle contractions around the neck and head region cause tension headaches. It is common for people who stare at their computers for long durations as well as long distance drivers. Ensure that you have a good workstation so that you always on an upright posture when working for long hours.

Pinched nerve
This condition refers to the pain that originates from a peripheral nerve that experiences excessive pressure. Most nerves are susceptible to such pressure, and the pain can also extend to the back muscles. Some of the causes are poor posture, leaning on elbows and crossing of the legs.

If you have a flat neck, then a neck orthotic such as the Denneroll might be useful.

In some cases, you may require medical attention while in other the pain will just disappear naturally. It is wise to understand the cause of your pain so as to determine the best approach to use.

Surprising and Interesting Applications for Fabric Spray Paint

Simply Spray is a brand of spray paints with a diverse range of uses. Fabric and Upholstery spray paints are two of the most commonly used by do-it-yourself homeowners, crafters, and professionals alike. It can be used to quickly and efficiently paint upholstered furnishings, car upholstery, t-shirts, and other textiles in and around the home.

These applications may include some you might not have heard of before.


Placemat & Napkin Sets

Muslin fabric is an inexpensive option and most used for home textiles like napkins and placemats. You can create a simple, colorful, or patterned napkin and placemat set with Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint. Here is an example from their website.


Something like this elegant placemat and napkin set designed by Linda Peterson may take some practice, but the results are quite professional. You can do this same type of project.


Personalised Pillowcase

Personalisation is another application for fabric paint. Personalised pillowcases make a lovely gift or decorative element for any bedroom in your home. This one, from the Simply Spray website is for a child’s room.


You can use stamps, stencils, and Simply Spray in one of any of its vast colour spectrum to create a custom pillowcase for yourself, a friend, your child, or anyone that you think would like such a thoughtful gift.


Beach Towel & Tote Set

Summertime is when people enjoy getting out in the sun. Going to the beach is a popular summertime activity enjoyed by young and old alike. This example from the website shows a bright and lovely example of a beach towel and matching tote set by Linda Peterson that you can make or get inspired by.


This would be a fun group project to do with friends or your children, especially those who enjoy beach activities.

You can use any one of these three projects to enhance your home, make a gift, or enjoy quality time with your children or friends. Almost any fabric can be painted using fabric paint, so you can paint until your heart’s content with Simply Spray.


FAQs about Fabric Spray

  • A single can of Upholstery Fabric Paint can cover about 17 square feet. Remember to always test your fabric for absorption so you know how much or how little to use for your project.
  • Fabric spray paint dries soft, not stiff or hard like conventional spray paints, which is why it’s such a valuable asset for fabric projects.
  • It’s advisable that the fabric paint color you use be darker than the material you’re working with for best results. For example, you can paint a beige chair red, but you can’t paint a red chair beige with good results.
  • After 72 hours, fabric spray paint is colorfast and shouldn’t rub off on you or anything around your project. Always make sure it’s dry and won’t rub off using your hand to test it before placing or wearing your project.
  • You can wash any project you paint with fabric spray paint after 72 hours just as you would any other fabric or upholstered item in your home.

Simply Spray Fabric Paints are non-toxic, almost odourless, non-flammable, and safe for use with children.


This is a sponsored article.

Auction Strategies: Learn What Does and Doesn’t Work


People have all sorts of ideas for auction strategies, but what does and doesn’t work? Here are the most common auction strategies and how effective they are.

Strategies that don’t work:

  • Gut instinct is a bad strategy at auctions. Leave your emotions and pride at home. The auction ideal boils down to who is willing to pay the most for item being auctioned.
  • Hiding in the back of the auction crowd won’t do you any good. You must be present and seen to bid. Hiding at best prevents you from winning anything and at worst makes you seem like you’re weak.
  • Waiting until the last second(s) to bid is a bad auction strategy. You don’t want to enter the bidding too soon, and you don’t want to wait to the last second either. You could end up with poor timing and lose, or even achieve nothing.
  • Dressing to impress is another strategy that doesn’t work. Some people might consider how you dress or what you drive to be intimidating, but it’s not. The wealth of a person isn’t reflected by what they wear or drive.
  • Avoid crazy bid amounts because you will achieve nothing. At most auctions, you will just look silly.

Strategies that might work:

  • Avoid bidding on property until it’s on the market. Why would you bid on property that’s not up for sale yet? Auction agents are anxious for that initial bid so they can start building momentum. Don’t play into their hands. If the property appears to be of little interest and no bids are given, throw out a low bid and see what happens.
  • Set an odd number for your limit. Most people set their property values in round numbers like $800,000. Consider making your limit something like $803,000 because sometimes that small amount can be the difference in winning or losing the property.
  • Say the full amount of your bid. It pays to be clear and succinct at auctions. It makes you appear confident and allows everyone to hear the full amount you’re bidding.

Strategies that do work:

  • Bid with confidence. The second someone bids against you, shout out your bid. This works because it makes your intentions known. They will know you’re serious, but not your limit, so they may hesitate to continue bidding. When bidders get quiet or hesitant, they are getting close to their limit, so keep bidding within your limit.
  • Make a solid bid early to knock out weak bidders. Make a strong bid early on to eliminate less serious bidders. Leave ample room between your low bid and your final budget so you have some leverage and can get the property at the best price.
  • Know the market value. It’s important to know the value of the property. Do some research before the auction to gain the edge. This is how you know where to set your limit and know when to quit if the bidding gets too high.
  • Stick to your limit! Know the market and create the limit you are willing to bid. Stick to that limit no matter what. If you know the value, but the bidding goes above your limit, stop because then it’s no longer an asset you want.
  • Know the auction process. Learn about the auction process when you’re a beginner. Go to auctions first to watch how everything unfolds. Get familiar with it in your region. This is one of the easiest ways to create a good auction strategy and avoid costly mistakes. Learn how to make a bid, what your bid means, and what kind of deposit is required if you win.

Essentially, you need to know what you want and what it’s worth, understand the auction process, be confident, and know and stick to your budget. These tips will help you be a winner, or at least to avoid costly mistakes.


This article has been supplied by http://www.thepaycalculator.com.au. This information is not intended as advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek professional financial advice.

Saving for the Future: 19 Easy Ways to Save Your Money


Who doesn’t want to save money for the future? The Pay Calculator joins us in this piece.  
Note: This information is not intended as advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek professional financial advice.


You can probably think of several ways to save money and improve your financial status right now. The two basic things to do are to spend less and/or increase your income. You may have to make some sacrifices or work harder, but it’s worth it.

Here are 19 ways to reduce your cost of living and save money.

  • Avoid bad debt. Do you have enough money in the bank to buy that couch, television, or that set of sheets? When you make purchases that you can’t afford, then charge it and pay monthly payments, you’re creating bad debt. You’re not just paying for the items, you’re paying interest, making it harder to get out of debt. The only things you should borrow money for are real estate or leverage in business.
  • Pay off bad debt. Prioritize and pay off bad debt. The interest causes you financial harm, so use your money wisely and pay off high-interest debt as fast as possible.
  • Sell your automobile. If you don’t need your car, or a second vehicle, sell it. You will save on fuel, upkeep, maintenance, and insurance.
  • Avoid hungry-shopping. A hungry consumer tends to buy more when they’re hungry than when they aren’t.
  • Invest in savings. Put some money back into a savings account every payday. This doesn’t include saving for something you want, just save it for nothing. You will find a smart use for it in the future.
  • Cancel pay TV. You don’t need paid TV anymore. There are other options that are free or cheap so save money without sacrifice!
  • Get and stay fit. Get plenty of sleep, exercise daily, eat healthy, and drink water. Maintaining your health saves you on health care costs.
  • Cook at home more. You save a lot of money by cooking more at home. You will enjoy dinner time with your family, while saving money. This doesn’t mean to never go out, but stop doing so merely for convenience if you eat out often. Whilst you’re at home, don’t forget to clean and maintain your house yourself.
  • Quit smoking. If you smoke, stop it. You’ll reduce the cost of buying cigarettes and be healthier.
  • Save rainy day money. Put back money for the unexpected. Plan this in your budget.
  • Try a zero-dollar day. If possible, avoid spending money for a day at least once a week; more often if you can. It will change how you think about spending.
  • Use smart travel plans. Avoid booking travel during the peak season or just a couple of weeks before you go to prevent paying a premium price.
  • Check your phone plan. Save money on your phone bill by requesting the best deal from your provider. The competition is fierce, so they’re willing to bargain.
  • Look at your health coverage. Health insurance is a competitive industry, so ask for the best options and do your research for additional savings.
  • Review annual renewals. Renewable annual payments should be reviewed before the renewal date. For instance, shop around or negotiate for better home and auto insurance rates.
  • Avoid impulse buying. Impulse buys are costly. Go home, sleep on it, and think about whether it’s something you really need or not.
  • Try shopping on eBay. One of the cheapest ways to get what you want without spending more than necessary is to look for it on eBay.
  • Avoid buying new tech/gadgets. If you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you have all the gadgets you need at your fingertips.
  • Reduce dependence on new items. Humans think that owning the best and newest thing is important, but that becomes an addiction. Stop that cycle of dependence on getting new stuff that you don’t really need.

These are all tips that are dependent upon your lifestyle and your financial situation. Learn what to buy what is best for you, while saving money for various purposes at the same time. If you can live without something – don’t buy it!

Educational: How Do They Make Ink?


Ink is created from a variety of dyes and oils that come from several sources that are formulated to suit a specific purpose. For instance, black ink is made from carbon black exclusively for use as a dye, but other pigments are used to produce virtually every color of the rainbow that you find in printing nowadays.  Some inks include resins to help keep the pigments bound together and to make them suitable for printing on specific surfaces.

One crucial part of the process for making black ink is wetting the carbon black during the premixing process. After that, any pigment that is necessary is added to the oil to create the desired viscosity, which affects how the fluid flows in the printing process. The goal of this process is to create inks that provide the ideal dispersion onto whatever material is being printed on. There are several configurations performed by machines that can alter the mixing and flow options for printing.

Premixing is necessary to ensure no trapped air is left in the ink formulation. High-speed dispersers are used to premix inks. Once the premix is taken through the disperser, it is mixed more and then additional oil and/or resin is added to achieve the ideal milling viscosity, also known as the mill base. The ink pigment is run through a chamber that creates smaller particle sizes, which is determined by the dispersion requirements.

After that, the ink pigment endures a variety of filtration steps used to eliminate large particulates in case any metal is left behind from the milling process. The tiniest of metal pieces can be filtered through an electromagnetic filter designed to grab metal fragments.

Once all metal fragments are eliminated, the pigment is pumped into a letdown tank to make final adjustments to the ink. This is done to meet the needs of customers with specific printing needs.

Color inks are processed differently than black inks. Flushed pigments are used instead of dry pigments like carbon black.

The final stage of manufacturing color pigments involves filtering the water-based mixture that is then put in a concentrated form called a presscake. The presscake is mixed with an oil-based varnish to extract extraneous water from the pigment. That process uses a heating and vacuuming action.

Why do they flush pigments? They put color pigments through a flushing process so that the pigments will be dispersed evenly throughout the ink medium. Flushing also helps manufacturers avoid expending the high-energy use that comes from using milling machines. The raw materials like oils, extenders, and varnishes must be thoroughly mixed at a consistent temperature to prevent pigment deterioration in the process.

After the mixing is done, the ink is tested for quality to ensure it meets all the requirements. Then it goes through a series of filtration processes to remove oversized particles just like what is done for black ink that removes metal particles. Sometimes oversized particles stay behind due to the processes the color ink goes through, and those particles must be removed. After that final process is complete, the ink is shipped to its respective customers for their use.

These are the basics steps taken in the manufacturing of black and color ink. While there are other technologies some manufacturers use in addition to these, the basics remain intact in the manufacturing of ink.


Article by Needham Ink